How the Dr. Bernstein diet didn’t want to help…
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They’re in the business of helping people…but what happens when they won’t?

On August 22nd, 2007 I sent what some might consider to be a desperate email to the Dr. Bernstein head office. In the email I stated I was roughly 750lbs, I had been on the diet before and that I had had success with it in the past. Problem was this time around I was not in a well enough condition to get to the clinic three times a week.

Having heard about the distant patient program I essentially asked if it were possible to have the injections administered at home by a registered nurse? In the end I was told I would have to come in once a week (Friday), so that they could give me the third injection and see how I was doing. I agreed to this as it seemed to be the only option I had.

Turns out this was not the case. Turns out that because I lived in Oshawa and not Blackstock anymore I was not allowed special exception to be on the distant patient program. Dr. Bernstein himself decided that I should risk further injury to my bad knee to get into the clinic three times a week, pay full price and only get 1 injection a week instead of 3, or not be on the program.

Since when did a business that was supposed to be helping people tell those who were in the greatest need of their services “sorry we aren’t going to help you out”?

If I was paying to be on the program like any other person but I was physically unable to get to the clinic in the beginning without the risk of personal injury that would leave me incapacitated, then why not do what you could to help that person?

Dr. Bernstein would not even give me the courtesy of calling me with the decision himself, which I think is pathetic. When I requested to leave a message to have him call me about the decision the customer service representative I spoke with got annoyed and literally demanded to know who told me I could ask to speak to Dr. Bernstein? What kind of business practice named after the person who runs it does this kind of thing?!

As it stands the Dr. Bernstein clinic will not accommodate me. If Dr. Stanley Bernstein does not want to help me fine! I will use any means necessary to show just how uninterested he is actually helping people who come to him seeking help. It is all about the money…he is corrupt.

I will not stop until people know this.

Dr. Stanley Bernsteingrinch

(photo) Dr. Stanley Bernstein, the man in question.  Reminds me of the Grinch, his heart is 3 sizes too small.


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